Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Getting the reviews

I have spent hours searching numerous blogs about self-publishing looking for the fine detail of publishing on Amazon KDP and the advantages of KDP Select.

I like the KDP Select model since I am not bothered about trying to set up other distribution. My first conclusion was to publish in KDP Select and immediately give the book away to try to get some traffic and hopefully, reviews. However, it seemed that to get anyone to download it I need reviews in place on Amazon.

After some more looking, I came across bookrooster.com, who, for an admin fee of $67 distribute free copies of your book to their members until you get ten reviews on Amazon from those members. You cannot let anyone distribute your book at all while in KDP Select, so I uploaded to Amazon without joining Select.

When and if I have some reviews through bookrooster, I will enrol the book in the KDP Select programme.

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