Monday, 13 October 2014

A long month

From one review to five! All good. Wow, amazing.

Now sold 17 copies on Kindle. At some point I decided to sign up for KDP Select. Not sure how I'm going to use that, reduced price special offer or free special offer.

Spent a lot of the time this month formatting the book for print-to-order on CreateSpace.

Found the help file for formatting and thought I had followed it. Uploaded the book and ordered a proof then followed a long five days before getting what looked like a real version of MY BOOK.

Unfortunately, on closer inspection, the print was too close to the gutter and the preliminary pages were a mess.

I went back to the help file and realised that you have to format the InDesign document with two different master pages with increased left and right space for right and left pages.

Reading the help files properly, I realised that you can have blank pages. I had mis-understood that. Now with correct gutter spaces and front matter looking more traditional, I ordered a couple more proofs.

When they came they looked fantastic. I promptly put them on sale and sent a support email to ask them to be linked with the Kindle version on Amazon. It only took a day for that to happen and so I sent an email to everyone I know saying that the print version was now available on Amazon at £5.99.

The Kindle sales broke through into double figures. I lent one of my proof copies to an old friend who has no Kindle, ordered another ten copies from CreateSpace, and dropped a copy off to the local book shop to see if they were interested in promoting it.

I found that the print-to-order version on the Amazon site followed Amazon's usual delivery options and did not, after all, have to be delivered from the States. They are going to be printed in Europe so that's a bonus, regular P&P.

So, after being on sale for a few days, I have sold 4 print-to-order copies.

These numbers are so insignificant I cannot imagine why I should be in the least bit excited, but I am.

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